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1. authorization by a BCRC Staff Member is Required before any payments can be made:
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4. you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Building and Construction Resource Center, Inc. (hereinafter "BCRC") and BCRC Administrator, Inc. (hereinafter "Administrator") from any and all liability and claims relating to said payment and/or any disputes of said payment;
5. the payment is deemed made in Indiana and the laws of the State of Indiana shall govern any matters relating to said payment;
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7. you agree to reimburse BCRC and Administrator for any attorney fees and any other expenses that they incur with respect to said payment and/or any disputes of said payment; and
8. you agree that BCRC and Administrator shall list your status in the BCRC Program as "Not Available" if you fail to comply with any of these terms and conditions and that your status will continue to be listed as
"Not Available" until you fully comply with all of your obligations under these terms and conditions.

Building and Construction Resource Center (BCRC) is committed to providing a confidential professional resource to members', employees, their families and employers who face actual or potential problems caused by substance abuse, chemical dependency and personal life matters. This resource is focused on promoting well-being on the job, on the road and at home. Through professional counselors, prevention programs and educational services, BCRC is assuring that the highest ethical principles are being followed.

Promoting the Well-Being and Safety of Employees in the Workplace

Personal problems happen to all of us. Some can be easily resolved, others cannot. Both labor and management of the building and construction industry, through mutual cooperation and dedication, now have a professional resource that can assist in resolving personal problems that affect our lives and could impair our work performance.

Power tools and heavy equipment are common to the construction industry and building trades. Those who handle them must be constantly alert and in good physical condition. Since they work as a team, workers depend on one another to perform safely and without fear of causing accident or injury.

When personal problems appear in the workplace, they also affect a worker's performance and threaten the team's safety. This is not acceptable and, untreated, could result in human suffering and life.

With industry backing, Building and Construction Resource Center (BCRC) is now addressing these issues through our comprehensive programs. Please browse our site to learn first hand what we can do for you!

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